We are on a mission

We make the most of what has already been produced, we extend the life cycle of materials and we create unique, versatile and timeless jewelry pieces.

We reuse, repurpose and recycle beads, gemstones, pearls and stainless steel aiming to leave zero waste and to have a positive environmental impact.

We are fully committed to circularity: we offer an exchange and bespoke service and you can donate your unwanted beads.

We source our components in charity shops that do good work in the community and we commit to give-back initiatives that impact people and the environment positively.

Memories Attached

I have been rescuing and collecting beads for as long as I can remember in Italy, Germany, England and the Netherlands.

In my family jewelry always had strong a connection with emotions, in particular with love.

After losing both my grandmothers in the past year I wanted to keep their memories alive and so I started making DOT charms with their necklaces.

CIRCLE OF DOTS jewelry are meant to be shared, create connections, keep memories alive and create new ones.

Lucia Zavaglia



    Join a Workshop to make your own jewelry or come to one of our Swap Party to grow your collection and meet the other members of the community.

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    We love seeing how you mix, match, stack and layer your CIRCLE OF DOTS pieces. Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #circleofdots


    We collaborate with likeminded creatives and entrepreneurs to combine ideas and efforts in order to create the best products and unique experiences.

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We believe in a


Our goal is to have a positive environmental and social impact.

Follow our CIRCULARITY journey.

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  • 100% recycled

    We're currently working with certified manufacturies that use only green energy and the minimum amount of recycled stainless steel is 60%.

    Our goal for 2023 is to use 100% recycled stainless steel.

    This will mean that we will be able to create 100% recycled jewelry pieces.

  • Make every bead count

    We transform outdated or broken jewelry into timeless pieces.

    Our jewelry are meant to be worn forever, they are designed and made to be worn again and again.

    Our goal is to make 100% recycled, sustainable and circular jewelry the norm.

  • Against waste and consumism

    The jewellery we wear have the power to create change.

    Shop with intention, reject throwaway fashion culture and stand for sustainability.

    Extending the life of beads fights fashion waste, displaces the need for new production and diverts items from landfills.