We reuse and repurpose preloved beads.

We make the most of what has already been produced, we extend the life cycle of materials and we create unique, versatile and timeless jewelry pieces.


 We have made production choices that minimize impact on the planet and the environment. 

We source our beads in charity shops that do good work in the community and we work only with certified suppliers that use renewable resources.

Plastic Free

• Packaging 100% from natural and recycled materials

• 100% recyclable (biodegradable & compostable)

• Our branded cork tray are made to be kept and they can be used for many different purposes

CO2 Neutraal

We actively seek to produce zero carbon emission in every step of the process. 

We offer:

• 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

• 100% electric local delivery

  • Trees for All

    Trees for All plants new forests and restores existing forests in the Netherlands and abroad. For a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for everyone. They also raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees.

  • Woord en Daad

    The Dutch foundation Woord en Daad, together with local partners and actors from relevant sectors, connects people worldwide. In this way they want to take responsibility for shaping a dignified existence for the rich and poor and they create hope and opportunities to transcend poverty.

  • Blijf Groep

    Blijf Groep helps to stop domestic violence in North Holland. Our aim is to stop the violence and create safety through customized support.

    Blijf Group offers both help at home as crisis shelters and residential support. 

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You can stop by or send in your jewelry, we will repair them for free, so you can wear them many times more. We repair in our atelier in Gouda, Netherlands.